Easigrass Lighting

Easigrass Artificial Grass Lighting

Easigrass are now offering a large and exclusive range of garden lighting options to cheer up your garden and outdoor space.
With all the benefits of the latest technology in LED lights we can offer a bright white as well as warm white options.
Following along the lines of our artificial grass that is both elegant and durable and we can offer a counter sunk lighting systems wall lighting options and planter lighting..

Within our full range you can have low level lighting options as well as magical wall hung lights that can create the most beautiful washed lighting effect on any feature walls around your home.

With so many of our customers using this new offering from Easigrass we are transforming gardens from dull and uninteresting spaces into magical oasis’s for friends and family to enjoy.

One of the significant results of using the easi-lighting system is that it can enable us to allow your garden to look so much bigger by drawing the eye of sight to distant parts of the garden and enable us to show case feature trees and shrubs within it.

Easigrass being an environmentally sensitive company uses low wattage bulbs that are VERY cheap to run and as well as being durable are long lasting so don’t have to be changed often.

With our fully qualified installers you can be rest assured that you are in the best hands in terms of design as well as installation.

Whether you have a small garden of a large garden Easigrass will be delighted to come up with a well thought out lighting scheme that will totally transform the look and feel of your garden.

Call us today to arrange for a survey and make a start on your new look garden

(This offer only applies to the greater London area only)