Easigrass Signage

Artificial grass signage

With outdoor events being such a huge media opportunity for the likes of large businesses and corporations, Easigrass can be used in a multitude of different applications to assist.

Artificial Grass Numbers

One of our new and very exciting options is to create XX large numbers that can be specially designed. Here are two giant numbers we created for the Royal Horticultural Society to celebrate their 25 anniversary at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

Royal Horticultural Society 25th anniversary

We created the bases on an angle so they could be viewed easily by all the attendees and then they were fully planted, this enabled the designers to have a lovely grassy crisp edge enabling it to look neat and tidy, making the complete installation a success. We have created giant numbers for other reasons like birthdays, lucky numbers, house numbers and even winning lottery numbers.

Artificial Grass Letters

As well as numbers, we can now offer gigantic letters that can spell out your brand name or event. These normally are created with a timber and ¾ inch ply shell then very skilfully fully covered in the Easigrass of the customer’s choice. Here are two that were completed last year.

artificial grass letters GROW artificial grass letters Tennins

The more traditional way of cutting logos in, as demonstrated on the top image, is to reverse cut all letters using white as the main background colour, which really stands out. The letters that were required for this installation were 2m in height allowing the message to be fully visible from the far end of the stadium and were a huge success for the sponsors.

Artificial Grass For Pomotions

Easigrass has the ability to cut basic two colour ads of any size or magnitude very quickly and efficiently for all of those last minute promotions. As well as a 2 colour process, if we have a little more time, we can create logos using up to 12 different colours using our state of the art logo machinery.

We have supplied the likes of;

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Rolls Royce
  • RHS
  • Yahoo
  • John Lewis
  • Chelsea Football Club
  • MTV
  • ITV
  • JWT
  • Tatler
  • BBC

Custom Made

So if you would like something specially produced or created we will be happy to help. Please call our Dublin office on 00 353 (0) 15035201 or email sales@easigrass.ie