Easigrass Fencing

Artificial Grass Fencing

As part of our continued strive to satisfy all our customer’s needs we have developed our own special fence system that will complement their artificial grass lawn.

Easigrass Fencing

Contemporary in style and available in 3 different shades of grey, the fence system is comprised of the following elements.

Easigrass Artificial Fencing

Constructed partially out of recycled artificial grass and other reprocessed materials, demonstrates yet again that Easigrass are leading the charge in the ways to use artificial grass product when it reaches the end of it life cycle.

Easi Edge Garden Edging Easi Edge Fixing

EasiEdge Border Edging

Manufactured in our state of the art recycling centre in Holland, we have also created a recycled edge to form the perfect border onto plants and shrubs. Quick and easy to fit this will enable you to have the perfect edge around your Easigrass.

EasiWeave Artificial Grass Fencing

EasiWeave Fencing

Finally, we have created a perfect portable fencing system that incorporates a trough that can filled with real or artificial plants creating the perfect screen for the likes of restaurants bars and outside social spaces.

All products come with an 8 + years warranty and will enable you to add a super cool contemporary feel to your garden or outside space
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