Artificial Grass For Events

With outdoor and indoor events becoming ever more popular than ever, organisers and professionals are using Easigrass to transform these open hard and boring landscapes into engaging easy green grassy surfaces.

Whether you are organising a wedding in a church or having a pop concert for over 60,000 fans, Easigrass have the experience and know-how to work closely with large and small event management teams to deliver;

• Within Budget
• On or Ahead of Time
• And Without issues

Priding themselves on having the highest health and safety standards within the industry and complying to achieve ISO 9001 and 14001 as part of their huge amount of accreditation, we are in the elite of suppliers and installers from small businesses up to PLC’s for all major parties and events.

Our current range of grasses can meet any of the requirements for main sponsors for the likes of their VIP areas and together with our highly skilled in-house installation teams on standby, we can act quickly and efficiently to support any last minute instruction, bringing peace of mind to any event organisers.

There is NO other company within this industry that can be-spoke manufacture supply, then fit huge volumes of product within a short time window to the highest standards meeting all the necessary health and safety requirements in doing so. We are simply the worlds No.1 at this.

A Typical Example

Customer: Live Nation
Venue: Rock Concert, Olympic Park, Stratford, London.
Amount of Easigrass: 40,000m2
Time Line till concert: 7 Weeks
Production Time: 4 Days inc. delivery
Actual Time of Installation: 52 Hours
Installers: 8 teams plus all relevant plant and machinery

As well as supply and fitting artificial grass for a wide assortment of events we can also offer as part of our package, independent testing for all major functions, enabling all your insurance requirements to be met in terms of health and safety prior to the opening whistle.

Finally, for the bigger venues, we have the capability to maintain and clear all surfaces in-between events with a specially dedicates maintenance group with all ride on specialist equipment that undertakes the following;

• Commercial Brushing
• Commercial Blowing
• Infilling
• Disinfecting
• Re Odourising

Have a look at our high end range of grasses and see which one will work best for you and your event. Or drop us a line as we will be happy to talk you through the full process.

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