Artificial Grass For Commercial

The use of Easigrass artificial grass within the commercial sector is rapidly becoming a must have. Whether you are wanting to green up your office environment or transform your shop window Easigrass has the perfect product and service.

Making something pleasing to the eye gives your audience a feeling of added value

Its application’s seem to be endless, whether it be a Top London Restaurant, High Street Retailer, Outdoor Furniture Shop, Garden Centre or even a Drinks Dispenser, once we have grassed it the customers follow. Clients are quite happy to make the initial investment on the basis that they see increased revenue as a result of increased footfall.

They also see an increase in productivity when used in an office/work environment where employees and visiting customers feel more comfortable with their surroundings. It truly brings in a happy vibe. And a feeling of well-being. The same happens when people see our grassy bug cars. Its thumbs up and cameras out.

Some of the commercial applications are as follows;

• Giant Grass Branded Letters
• Charity Events
• Office Buildings Outside space
• Outside signage
• Sporting Events
• Pop Concerts/Festivals
• Office Internal Chill out Zones (With putting)
• Department Stores
• High Class Dining spaces in Restaurants
• Furniture covered in Grass
• Bars and Smoking Areas
• Themed shows and events

Working with architects and interior designers we are seeing and applying our products in ways we never imagined a few years ago. I think it would be safe to say that there is virtually nothing that we cannot grass or transform for you, why not try us out, we love a challenge.

As well as having a fantastic range of award winning products we are closely affiliated with all the leading landscape societies like the SGD, APL, HTA and BALI and work very closely with the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society).

If you are an architect you can find all our products on the RIBA product selector and we will be quite happy to discuss any challenging aspects of an installation or product selection direct with you.

Choosing the products is one element of this process but Easigrass as a company that is all about the complete deliverable and that covers installation. We have all our own installers who are trained to the highest level in customer service and product installation so feel rest assured you are in safe hands.

We cannot stress the importance that you need to be dealing with a professional company that has all the accreditation as well as insurances in place to protect your financial investments and ensure that you get the best customer experience.