Easigrass Artificial Grass History

The Easigrass History

Originally Easigrass was established by Jonathan Gallagher the youngest of the 3 Gallagher brothers.

As a tennis coach three decades and four years ago Jonathan played on a wide array of sports surfaces and could notice an opportunity for himself in the upkeep of the surfaces he used to teach and also play on.

So with his existent customer database, he set up his maintenance firm which eventually took him into the chance to re-surface old tennis courts. This business grew very quickly, and Jonathan soon achieved a great brand in within the tennis court industry.

Around this time, there was additionally an immense advancement within the sporting surface industry with the introduction of artificial turf for a variety of sports disciplines.

He at this point passed over the upkeep side to his eldest sibling; Timothy, who now runs one of the most the sports upkeep businesses in the United Kingdom. Taking care of his brothers long  term customers  alongside with  local government , universities, colleges, and schools as well as the mass of clients he has now pulled.

Jonathan instantly seized the opportunity to add synthetic grass to his enlarging offering and labored very closely with every top European artificial grass producers, learning all the strategies and installation processes.

He worked on optimizing these installation procedures and acquired huge experiences over the next 10 years travelling all over the UK and also abroad installing for many of the leading manufacturers.

The scope of his work was not only limited to the tennis market but also adopted Soccer, Rugby, and Hockey, and also now he installs under the Easigrass brand name FIFA – IRB -FIH fields around the world.

A decade ago Jonathan was joined by his other brother; Anthony, whose track record is in marketing, construction and sales. Synthetic grass at this point was being installed into domestic circumstances, but the only grass available from developers was the similar nature and style.

Anthony Gallagher – Easigrass Artificial Grass

Here is where Anthony spotted the chance to launch a style of turf which would be the very first to resemble ideal grass and was the first in the United kingdom to have a facet infill launched into the synthetic grass to extremely improve its aesthetic.

With the obtaining of TM on the brand as well as a European copyright on the iconic grass covered Smart car, Anthony was the very first person ever to take synthetic grass onto the RHS Chelsea flower show’s judged garden in the year 2010.

Easigrass attained higher standings  of a Silver Guilt, with their very first show garden though unperturbed, Anthony went back again in 2012 where he achieved a Gold medal which is the highest award in the gardening world.

Easigrass are really proud to state that they were the FIRST & THE ONLY synthetic grass firm to ever be awarded a highest accolade from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Anthony clarifies that “This is the measure of how best our craftsmanship is, and we are happy to be noticed as a quality firm by independent auditors that are seen in the highest regard in the horticultural market.” (Chelsea Flower Show of 2012)

Due to this success and exposure that came on account of this acknowledgement, inquiries were coming in from the whole UK and overseas, not able to fulfil this from central London this led to the development of the Easigrass National Franchise Network.

Within 5 years Anthony has been able to secure 30 strong Franchisers right all through the British Isles, where clients can anticipate the same retail encounter they can find at our UK head office in London England.

As an element of the franchise strategy, we educate all affiliates in the most recent techniques of top notch synthetic grass installation where things are made to last.

On top of having a franchise network here in the UK, Easigrass is internationally connected  found in:
South Africa, Dubai, Balearic Islands, Ireland, New Zealand

As part of their persisted drive and dedication they fit globally with their sports arm and have a specially devoted group of technicians that can be dispatched to any location to efficiently install domestic grass.

Always looking to expand their coverage, Easigrass can safely state that they are now accepted worldwide as being one of world’s finest artificial landscape providers and the most acclaimed and trusted brand within the man-made grass industry.

Their mission phrase is to render “Easigrass” as a household brand.